CGSC Distribution Fees

In addition to continuous support from the National Science Foundation for over 30 years, it has been necessary since 1988 to make charges to users. We were at first able to meet this requirement by charging for-profit users and waiving charges to users from academic and non-profit institutions. Since that time, there have been policy changes at the NSF that require us to charge fees to academic users as well. Lower levels of Federal funding and a requirement to increase our cost recovery from users compels us again to change our fee structure for academic and industry users. Please give us feedback on the new policies described below. We hope that the user fees described at the links below will prove to be equitable and successful in providing us with the necessary operating funds. We do not wish to turn away any researchers or teachers who need strains from us and we will waive or negotiate charges as necessary (as cited in specific charge statements below).

We welcome any opinions, comments, or criticism of this policy from users of and contributors to the Stock Center. (