CGSC Strain#: 12313
Strain Designation: AB1157/pLAU44      Source of Strain: D.J. Sherratt
Other Designations: pLAU44
Sex: F- Episome/Plasmid: pLAU44
   Plasmid Markers/Mutations: oripMB1, lacZα, bla , gen-R
   Plasmid Comment: pFX92 with two cassettes of 120 tandem copies of the lacO operator separated by a Gm gene. The insert was cloned using the NheI and XbaI sites. pFX92 is a derivative of pUC18 with the following MCS (-EcoRI-BamHI-XhoI-NheI-SmaI-XbaI-SalI-BglII-HindIII-).
Chromosomal Markers: thr-1, araC14, leuB6(Am), Δ(gpt-proA)62, lacY1, tsx-33, qsr'-0, glnX44(AS), galK2(Oc), λ-, Rac-0, hisG4(Oc), rfbC1, mgl-51, rpoS396(Am), rpsL31(strR), kdgK51, xylA5, mtl-1, argE3(Oc), thiE1
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