CGSC Strain#: 6172
Strain Designation: NK5648      Source of Strain: N. Kleckner
Sex: F' Episome/Plasmid: F128-12
   Plasmid Markers/Mutations: lacIp-4000(lacIQ), lacZp-4008(L8), lac-::Tn9
   Plasmid Comment: Carries Tn9 inserted into lacZ or lacY. Derivation not known to us; episome was described as F'laci^QlacL8pro with Tn9 in lacY,Z
Chromosomal Markers: araBAD-0, Δ(gpt-lac)5, glnX44(AS), metB-, argE-(Am), rpoB0(rifR), thiE1
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