CGSC Strain#: 6946
Strain Designation: CSR603/pDR1996      Source of Strain: A. Sancar
Sex: F- Episome/Plasmid: pDR1996
   Plasmid Markers/Mutations: bla(ApR), uvrA+, ssb+, Tc(tetR), uvrA , ssb , Tc , bla
   Plasmid Comment: This is a pBR322 derivative carrying uvrA and ssb (tetR from pSC101 and ampR from Tn3.) pDR1453(Sancar and Rupp 1980) obtained by from local Flinders Univ. source.
Chromosomal Markers: thr-1, araC14, leuB6(Am), Δ(gpt-proA)62, lacY1, tsx-33, glnX44(AS), phr-1, galK2(Oc), λ-, Rac-0, gyrA98(NalR), recA1, rpsL31(strR), kdgK51, xylA5, mtl-1, argE3(Oc), thiE1, uvrA6
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