CGSC Strain#: 8226
Strain Designation: BW19094/pWM7      Source of Strain: B.L. Wanner
Sex: F- Episome/Plasmid: pWM7
   Plasmid Markers/Mutations: oriR6Kγ, bla(ApR), MCS, tetA, oriTRP4, tetR
   Plasmid Comment: Not accessioned. Glycerol cultures only. Same host as pLD53 and not as good, since bla has PstI site (which has been deleted from pLD53).
Chromosomal Markers: Δ(codB-lacI)3, ΔphoA532, ΔuidA3::pir+, Δ(phnP-phnD)3330( phnC?)
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