CGSC Strain#: 7778
Strain Designation: K1512      Source of Strain: Russel & Model
Sex: Hfr    Point of Origin#: 2A   Map Position: 12.20   Direction of Marker Transfer: Counterclockwise
Episome/Plasmid: pLW38
   Plasmid Markers/Mutations: bla(ApR), pspAp-lacZ
   Plasmid Comment: This plasmid was made by cloning the {\it pspA} promoter into the {\it SmaI} site of plasmid pSKS107
Chromosomal Markers: garB10, fhuA22, lacIp-4000(lacIQ), phoA4(Am), ompF627(T2R), Δ(pspA-pspC)637, fadL701(T2R), relA1, pitA10, spoT1, rrnB-2, mcrB1, creC510
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