Ref - Nahvi et al. 2002. Chem.Biol. 9:1043-1049


Nahvi, A., N. Sudarsan, M.S. Ebert, X. Zou, K.L. Brown, R. Breaker 2002. Genetic control by a metabolite binding mRNA. Chem.Biol. 9:1043-1049

  • Authors:
    Nahvi, A.
    Sudarsan, NarasimhanN.
    Ebert, M.S.
    Zou, X.
    Brown, K.L.
    Breaker, RonaldR.R.

  • Year: 2002
  • Publication: Chem.Biol.
  • Volume: 9
  • Issue: NULL
  • FromPage: 1043
  • ToPage: 1049
  • Title: Genetic control by a metabolite binding mRNA
  • Comment: 5' untranslated sequence of btuB mRNA has role in metabolic monitoring and genetic control, selectively binds coenzyme B12.
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