CGSC Strain#: 8291
Strain Designation: BW11334/pBW120      Source of Strain: B.L. Wanner
Sex: F' Episome/Plasmid: F128-Tn10-11
   Plasmid Markers/Mutations: lacIp-4000(lacIQ), ΔlacZ58(M15), F::Tn10-11, proA , proB , Tn10-11 , lac
Episome/Plasmid: pBW120
   Plasmid Markers/Mutations: bla(ApR), phnP-C
   Plasmid Comment: a pUC18 plasmid with insertion of the phn operon, plus the orfs originally designated phnA and phnB, a truncated orf phnQ, and an additional orf. Used for constructing several pWM plasmids.
Chromosomal Markers: Δ(argF-lac)169, recA1907::cat-aadA, thiE1, Δ(phnP-phnD)3330( phnC?), creC510
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